Diamond Youth’s ‘UK OK’ to fund upcoming tour


Touring. It’s expensive and even more so when a band travels abroad.

In light of an upcoming UK tour with Citizen and Headroom, Diamond Youth came up with a plan.

Instead of scrambling to Kickstarter, Diamond Youth’s solution was to keep doing what they do best: create. The result is UK OK, a four-track acoustic album including one new song.

From Diamond Youth’s bandcamp:

Justin recorded these himself at home. It’s kind of weird putting something out that didn’t come out of a studio or with the help of someone else. We literally just finished these 2 days ago and now you can hear them. No one else has even heard these yet except for us.

UK OK is going to be up for download for a few days and then we’ll be taking it down, gone forever. If it were up to us, we’d just give everything away for free. We’ve never really asked for anything or told people to buy our music, so…just know that we really appreciate the help this time around.

The tracks are available for a limited time only. You can support the tour by downloading UK OK here.


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