Blacklist Royals on the Inspiration Behind the Heavily Themed Recent Album “Die Young With Me”

Nashville-based rock ‘n’ roll band Blacklist Royals is the brain child of twin-duo Nat and Rob Rufus. Though they may scream at each other from time to time as siblings do, it never keeps them from coming together to play and write music. After extensive touring for their debut album Semper Liberi, the band has taken a different direction. The brothers looked to their past for inspiration. In their most recent album Die Young With Me, the twins found themselves reflecting on their teenage years which involved Rob’s struggle with cancer.

Watch the interview to hear what Blacklist Royals have to say about how the band has changed, the writing process and their intense re-recording experience of Die Young With Me.

The band is currently on tour, with upcoming dates in Germany and the UK.