This is For Real: Motion City Soundtrack’s Last Show in California

MCS Tour

On a cool spring evening, hundreds of fans lined up outside of the House of Blues in downtown San Diego to celebrate Motion City Soundtrack’s illustrious career, and thank them for all of the great memories.  This would be Motion City Soundtrack’s final performance in San Diego, and also the last show they would play in California.

A couple of months ago, Motion City Soundtrack announced that they would be going on an indefinite hiatus at the conclusion of their “So Long, Farewell Tour”.  In the announcement, the band stated: “We have no idea what the future holds, but for now we are done.”

Robb MacLean and Patrick Carrie of The Young Dudes and Limbeck started the evening with an acoustic set, which was followed by Microwave and then The Spill Canvas.  The venue was about half full when Robb and Patrick began playing.  An hour or so later, when The Spill Canvas took the stage, the venue was at (or past) capacity as fans eagerly awaited Motion City Soundtrack’s last performance.

From the time the band took the stage, fans joyously sang along with Justin Pierre as the band played a career spanning set; which included everything from “Capital H” to “Her Words Destroyed My Planet”.  Songs from each of Motion City Soundtrack’s six albums were included in the setlist, however, Commit This to Memory notably played the largest role.

One of the most popular songs from Commit This to Memory is “L.G. FUAD”, which stands for “Let’s Get F***ed Up And Die”.  Prior to playing the song, Pierre shared the story of how the song came to be.  The All-American Rejects were on a European tour with Motion City Soundtrack in the early 2000s.  One night, after the venue had cleared out, the All-American Reject’s merch guy, Andy, jumped up onto the merch table with handfuls of cash and screamed: “Let’s Get F***ed Up and Die!” – I’m sure he was speaking figuratively, of course.

On Saturday night, the House of Blues stage was illuminated by a rainbow of colored lights as the members of Motion City Soundtrack danced around the stage.  Tightly packed fans jumped around, with their hands in the air, singing along to all of their favorite tunes.  Motion City Soundtrack’s last show in California was a celebration of their career, rather than a solemn farewell.

– Martin Shook


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