New Year’s Eve With Masked Intruder!

Masked Intruder closed out 2017 with a three show run which concluded in Chicago on New Year’s Eve.  Illinois natives The Reganomics kicked off the event, and did a great job of energizing the crowd as the venue filled up.


Despite all of their shows taking place after Christmas, Masked Intruder brought some “gifts” with them to share with everyone in attendance.  The first gift was that Masked Intruder played their album Masked Intruder in its entirety.


When performing “Heart Shaped Guitar”, the Masked Intruder guys require the assistance of a special female assistant.  The lucky girl for this performance was Hannah Blue, the artist who designed the posters for the three show run.


About halfway through the show, Blue was offered a flask by one of the fans in the crowd.  Blue inquired about what was in the flask, and was told “whiskey”.  As soon as Blue had finished taking a swig from the flask, Green announced that what the flask actually contained was “herpes whiskey”.  Later, when Blue was handed the flask a second time, Green decided he too wanted a swig of “herpes whiskey”.


Other “gifts” from Masked Intruder included performances of “Under the Mistletoe” from their EP Under the Mistletoe as well as covers of “Your Love” by The Outfield and “Linoleum” by NOFX.  Perhaps the greatest gift of all, however, was Officer Bradford’s assless Santa outfit and thong.  If you’d like to see pictures of both the front, and rear, of Officer Bradford’s outfit, check out Masked Intruder’s Instagram posts from 12-31-17 and 1-1-18.


In preparation for the midnight countdown, the Beat Kitchen staff passed out drinks out to everyone in attendance so that they could ring in the New Year properly.  Unfortunately, pop punk’s most notorious criminals were not quite as prepared for the countdown as the Beat Kitchen staff.  A minute or so before midnight, Masked Intruder realized that they had forgotten to steal/bring a clock for the countdown.  Fortunately, someone was able to help the guys out by providing a clock in time for the final ten seconds of the countdown.


Braving the frigid Chicago temperatures was well worth it to spend New Year’s Eve with Masked Intruder and The Reaganomics.  If you’re a fan of pop punk, and you haven’t listened to, or seen, Masked Intruder you are seriously missing out.  Masked Intruder doesn’t currently have any 2018 tour dates posted, probably because they are in the slammer…again.

– Martin Shook

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All photos by: Martin Shook

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