Volted, formerly known as SMAG magazine, is based in Austin/Houston and covers the Central Texas area. We’re an online entertainment magazine that likes to feature music, food, and entertainment.

We’re here for the high-energy side of you (and we’re not talking physical energy). We want to excite and enliven the mind and spirit that connects you to the vitality and fun of life. Seriously, we want you to have fun.

Volted shares stories of pure passion and energy…to get you volted. We do that by talking to people who know what they want or are actively looking for it.

So what you’ll see? Interviews with bands, business owners, and anyone else with a story to share; live concert footage; concert photos; food reviews and photos; plus updates on anything interesting…stuff that gets you going.

The name change is recent and you’ll be seeing more changes to the site! Get excited! We are now voltedmag.com.

Volted came to be April 7, 2012…sprouting up from SMAG, created in the early 2000s as a very small print magazine, if it could be called that.

  • Greatest mascot: Churri the Mini American Eskimo
  • Editor in chief: Stephanie “Smez” Meza

While at the University of Texas, Stephanie discovered her passion for photojournalism and videography. She has previously worked at The Tribune Newspapers in Humble, Texas; The Houston Press; Latinitas magazine; The Daily Texan; and Austin Underground, a TV show on TSTV, as a producer. Volted gives her energy. Follow her @smezmedia.

  • Editorial assistant/Band Interviewer: Jennifer
  • Music photographer: Jesse Crouse
  • Lifestyle writer: Sonia Singh

Sonia S. is currently studying Sociology, Communications, and Cultural Studies at UT Austin. She is an avid writer, childhood poet, and massive cat lover. She finds beauty in diversity and everything in between. Follow her @soniasingh787.

  • Contributor: Sonia Melendez

Sonia M. loves film and TV so much that she works with it. She is a video editor and graphics creator at UT.

The SMAG radio page has info on what we talked about during our radio show on kvrx.org last summer. The show highlighted Austin events and anything else of interest. DJs: Eli, RiverA, and Smez.

Visit the SMAG flickr set — it includes exclusive photos!

Volted Headquarters — Top Secret, (South East Texas)

To suggest a restaurant, food, band, etc. you’d like to see featured/reviewed, please e-mail: voltedmag@gmail.com

We welcome questions and comments!

6 responses to “About

  1. hey yal’s email doesnt work. but somebody with you guys photographed my band “cuntaminants” at the parish last night, and i was just trying to get ahold of the pics. thanks!

  2. Hello, Smez! I’m so happy you enjoyed my post on Seth Glier’s ‘Food for Thought Tour.’ I’m glad to see that there is a robust indie-music scene in Austin, TX. If you have an interest in writing more about Seth Glier, he’s coming to Austin on December 8th at the Onion Creek House Concerts. You can visit his site here, http://sethglier.com/tour. Thanks for stopping by my site, and I look forward to seeing more from Volted Mag.

    • Thanks Music Historian! Really liked your post and will definitely be checking back in. 🙂 I actually hadn’t heard Seth Glier’s music…just thought the idea of the canned food as admission was pretty cool. Will also be checking out his music. Thanks for the tip about the winter show!

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