C’mon, who doesn’t love food??

SMAG, based in Texas, will be in the Greater Houston area and farther north in Austin (the combo may sound odd, but we’re working with our resources) to recommend some great products and restaurants!

Check out our sections dedicated to foodies:

BROWNIE BITS – Delicious & sweet food news/tips that will keep you in the loop.

FOOD REVIEWS – The Happy Plate helps you with that big decision you must make multiple times a day: Where should I eat? We invite you to the table (because your stomach has been growling for some while) and share our experiences with menu items and restaurants!

Note: Reviews are based on personal preferences, so it’s only a suggestion. Feel free to check out the foods for yourself if you need to make your own verdict…and then tell us what you think!

AUSTIN EATS – Know what’s out there and get to know the restaurant/owner(s) a little better with our video coverage. (Greater Houston Eats will not begin until the summer.)



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