Pancake Puppies @ Denny’s

Pancake Puppies?? I was excited to try these at Denny’s.

Neat idea, I guess, but these little balls of fried pancake batter were a bit of a disappointment. Yes, they tried to have flavor, but a cinnamon sugar coat and a bowl of syrup didn’t do it.

Hushpuppies for breakfast?

Pancake puppies from Denny’s had that rough texture of the hushpuppy, but even regular hushpuppies know they ought to be a bit moist. As for taste, hushpuppies have that subtle oniony flavor. Wait, why even compare the two?? I wouldn’t want a hushpuppy imposter for breakfast! I’d expect my morning meal to have a sweet hint of something, or a eggy dish.

That aside, six pancake puppies per order is a satisfactory serving. An order of Hot Chocolate (free refills) is a good companion.

I’m glad the puppies were free because I would hate to pay for plain fried dough. Next time, I’ll skip the pancake puppies and go for the egg dishes on the menu. For breakfast sweets, I’d go with donuts (either soft or cakey) and donutholes, which come in a variety of flavors, at a local bakery or market.


EDIT: This deal has ended, but I will leave this portion to in order to preserve the original intention of this post.

*Get free Pancake Puppies with any order*

Get the coupon here – print it out- try it out for yourself. This deal is good until Friday, December 11, 2009.


2 responses to “Pancake Puppies @ Denny’s

  1. I too got a free coupon in my email, but it was for the peppermint spiked version… ours were fresh from the fryer, smelled and tasted like funnelcakes..and had enough of a peppermint kick to make them interesting… I had their new chicken pecan cranberry salad on the side…which was also very very yummy.

    • Hi Jenne, lucky you got the pepperminty ones! I found out about them after I’d already ordered the plain ones! It was devastating. That salad sounds good though, I love cranberry. Must try it!

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